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"And if My servants ask thee about Me - behold, I am NEAR; I respond to the call of him who calls, whenever he calls unto Me; let them, then, respond unto Me, and believe in Me, so they might follow the right way" (2:186)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Let's Experience Life...


Allah huAkbar, Allah huAkbar Allah huAkbar


How time flies and how people change with it.

Ok. Let’s cut this down. Perhaps I should first summarize

Few events that took place couple of weeks ago ----->

One night proposal

----> hehh, my abah said it’s all about time management.

Ya, I can only agree with that.

Minding others’ businesses and forgetting mine :)

---------------------> Heaven!

I was supposed to submit my masters’ proposal

And I was so ‘berbaik sangka’ that there’s no deadline for

Research-based programme (which I’m about to apply).

Lucky me that Lya texted me and reminded me of that.

‘Mangsa keadaan’ ? heee my abah of course.

He was so all over the place hunting for the BSN pin number

Because I’d less than 24 hour for completing the form and

One night to finish with my proposal and submit it to the

Programme coordinator.

With God’s will, I managed to get them done :)


(I’ll explain more on this iA)

(Remember, this is supposed to be a summary, not a long story)

When I was there, in Shah Alam to submit the document by hand,

I was surprised by Dr.O. (the respected programme coordinator)

“You don’t actually need to do this. We’ve sent you the offer letter”

-------------------------> Heaven! <----------------------

Lesson 1: plan your work and work your plan

Lesson 2: work smart. Double check the details of your businesses or

Else, your ignorance would cost you more.

Lesson 3: grow up. Stop bullying your abah.

Credit 1: wowwa and along for the genre analysis guide

Credit 2: Lya for counting me in

Along’s wedding

Picture tells thousands of words.

Barakallah hu-lakuma :)

From Shah Alam, I went to Bangsar- to find some goods and

Of course, to meet Kak Anis.

It was a long journey.

Ipoh -> Shah Alam -> Bangsar -> Subang -> Ijok -> Kuantan

Heee ^^

From Kuantan I ought to take a bus at 6 pm to Ipoh

And at 5.55, Lya and I was still at the main exit (and entrance) of ECM

--------------------------> NGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA <----------------------

I was deadly nervous.

I hate being left behind. Told ya.

After all, I’ve promised my mother to help her for a small

Kenduri doa selamat back home on the next day

And I didn’t want to break that.

Thank God, the very bus that I would ride on wasn’t there yet.

(hey, this time, it’s true. It hasn’t departure yet)

The best part? The trip was delayed for about 2 hours

(after a 300m marathon from Lya’s car to the terminal. Great.)

(and I’m all alone for the 7 hours journey plus

2 hours of waiting in a lonely terminal)

---------------------------------------> Heaven! <----------------------------------------------

Lesson 1: time management. Expect for the worst to come.

Lesson 2: ‘bertenang terlebih’ could safe your soul.

Credit 1: Along and her new hubby for the tix hehee :)

Credit 2: Lya for jalan2 cari makan (or shall I say fasal? Hehee). It’s cool though :)

Credit 3: Kak Anis and family for the stay and ride :)

Childhood sweetheart

I was so depressed, linking my neurons and

reactivate all of the synapses to generate

More ideas for merapik-ing in my proposal before I received

A phone call which changed my life (current) and

Brought me here,

at the very place where I found my heart true love


Ok. Seriously, I love this place damn much.

(I shall share the reasons being iA. Soon.)

Puan Ros: Muna Liyana (Bukan nama sebenar) ea?

Me: Ermn.. ya.

Puan Ros: Puan Ros ni, SRAH, SRAH (before I could even ask)

Me: Ohhh… ya. Ada apa ya?

Puan Ros: Tak buat apa kan? Boleh datang SRAH tak?

Me: HAH…?

Puan Ros: jadi cikgu ganti.

Me: Cikgu ganti…? (beneran? (Bahasa Indonesia- yg benar ni?))

Puan Ros: Alah, boleh la.

Me: Erks… ermn. Ok kot. Bila ni?

Puan Ros: Esok.


Puan Ros: (silent. Expected respond may be)

Me: ermn, esok kena pergi Shah Alam, ke faculty.

------> Muallimah Krisisiah backing Puan Ros’ points from back ---->

Puan Ros @ mh. Krisisah: Bila free ni?

Me: ermn, Selasa depan, boleh?

Puan Ros: oh, okey. Ingat. Datang sekolah daftar pukul 7.30!

Me: heee okey inshaAllah. (7.30? seriously?) nak ajar apa ea?

Puan Ros @ mh. Krisisiah: Syariah

Me: Syariah? (my degree’s on English for Professional Communication)

Puan Ros: Alah, boleh la.

Me; Ermn, okey inshaAllah.


It’s not syariah. But English, Science and Math!

MATH guyssss….! ( I hate numbers)

What a sweet ‘law of Attraction’ thingy.

(This is interesting. I’d love to elaborate on that iA)

Lesson 1: hatred is love.

Lesson 2: tbc (to be confirmed)

Credit: any of muallimahs who saved my number and remember me



So, let’s experience life! Hahh-ha. Until today, at this very moment, I still can’t believe it – that I’m doing this ---------> ‘messing up’ with school children and teach math. OMG~

(when I myself still being childish. Heaven!)

While waiting for the right time for the right things to fall into their places, let’s just grab the chance to learn and explore life.

You’ll be amazed of the surprises and funny experiences that lie ahead. Take the challenge and surprise yourself.

Stepping out of your comfy zone might not be that interesting yet; good opportunity doesn’t always come twice.

We’re not in the very right position to determine what is good and bad for us because only Allah knows all (and that’s why He decides our destiny).

It’s just a matter of perception, after all. Love what we have and be positive about life.

We’ve gotta take the good with the bad. Smile with the sad and remember what we had.

let’s experience life! and take the trouble to learn and discover what Allah wanna teach us :)

Everybody looks, but only few can see.

Everybody listens, but only few can hear.

Everybody seek, but only few can find…

Let’s think and reflect.


  1. wah

    banyak juga yang jadi eh?
    jelesnya! saya teringin sangat nak jadi cikgu seriusly. cikgu sekolah rendah. hari tu mak saya offer masa cuti 3 bulan. tapi sekolah menengah. dekat sekolah dia. tolong dia apa yang patut. rasa tak ready lah pula dan risau kalau bizi sangat tak bleh buat benda lain (ceyh alasan) oh, ruginya ruginya

    sweet lah Allah permudahkan kamu kan muna..
    apa pun, semoga semuanya yang lain dipermudahkan juga.


  2. munaaaa..pnjangnye cite ko..huhu..
    sonok ah sambung master..smga di permudahkan..
    tringat dolu2 waktu skolah..blaja bi ngan ko..huhu,,
    gudlak for all things..
    miss u...

  3. salam liyana subri (ad dua yana ni hehe)

    byk yg berlaku tpi nk cite in details dh x bpe nk ingat, almaklum, sy ada mini alzheimer huhuuu

    oh, kamu patut ke hidayah bila lapang **,
    kanak2 di sini sgt cerdik dan hyper hahaa

    oh, cabaran mendidik juga sudah pelbagai skrg... dulu lain, skrg sangat2 lain..

    smoga Allah ikhlas kn kita semua **
    dan smoga Allah smpaikn cita2 kamu utk mndidik anak2 generasi baru ^^ amiiin ^^

  4. lap: hehee salam2

    trima kasih syk utk wish nya **
    rindu juga g praktis nasyid ng ko lepas supper mkn biskut kering kt dm yg di catu amount biskut oleh incek TJJ (tangkai jering junior haha)

    when the rite time come, inshaAllah, the very rite things will happen ^^ Allah itu maha baik dan maha adil kn?

    kita harus yakin itu **

    love u

  5. salam..sorry muna, didn't know dr o is going to sent u the offer letter..sorry sbb da termenyusahkan u n ur dad..and sorry, didn't expect that kejadian mengejar bas that day akan terjadi sbb terminal just kat sblh ecm...n usually tade lak hal kat jalan nak keluar dr basement tu...

    in conclusion, sorry la ye..

  6. salam

    kate summary =p panjangnye huhu
    wahhh alot happen...xsempat catchup langsung hehe
    yeahh time flies and people change huuu~

  7. lya: haiishhh don't be. u've done a lot anyway hehee ^^.

    After all, with the hardship, there's relief, kn?
    so, i don't mind learning through such way :))

    all the best in life ~

    p/s: surat dr.o tak kunjung tiba pon... :p heee

  8. angah: salam :))

    mcm custom made utk u catch up pula :))
    all the best angah ^^

    p/s: certain things could possibly remain the same. the point we think people changed is actually the point where we're the one who might change :)) hehee (mcm putar lak ayat)

  9. i cek br ni kat webpage..tulisnya di situ application masih in progress...tatau bile br leh nak cek dpt ke tak

  10. lya: ohh siyes ly? hummm :) eh, tq utk info nya ya :)