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"And if My servants ask thee about Me - behold, I am NEAR; I respond to the call of him who calls, whenever he calls unto Me; let them, then, respond unto Me, and believe in Me, so they might follow the right way" (2:186)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

we never blamed LOVE even LOVE has caused PLENTY of wars

In the name of Allah, my Lord, my everything inshaAllah.

In a first place, the title I have above for this post has no relations with any part of the entire post I'm about to write.

But in case you're kinda so affected with the title I put before the post, that should tell us something about yourself and how your mind operates. hehh... (gelak keji). when people say, don't judge a book by its cover, I'd rather put 'don't judge a post by its title'. that is stereotyping.

welcome to the dunya, where things are not always what they seem (boonaa mohammed)

yes, we need some basic information from preconceived thoughts we have by stereotyping things, people or events in life just to give us rough ideas on how things work and how we can do about it. but being so glued with certain thoughts might hinder us to accept new knowledge and to
attract new experience.

alright. enough of explaining the title and post relationship. I guess I've put too much efforts in doing it (Kedah
ans -(read like Malaysians) say pulun) which I know I can ended up writing about something else.


Last time I met Dr.D, I showed her my fifth draft of my research proposal. the very same case Matlutfi had with his lecturer or supervisor.

Dr.D: Let's just forget about this.
Me: Huhh...?

(silent for 5 seconds while she took her time to analyze my reactions)

Dr.D: Let's just forget about your proposal

----> before she could continue with her next phrase I have this thought in mind of which only God knows how scared I was for the next millisecond. the scariest part if I can say in my entire life. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyy scarier than having hantu kumkum standing before you. okay. that's too much.

Dr.D: Let's just forget about your drafts for a moment.

(well, that definitely, officially puts my writing-mode in a temporary comma)

Dr.D: I can see that you have done your homework, but still ....

well, the rest is history. I bet you'll never wanna know that or it'll make you think 34 times before you wanna give yourself a chance of being a master-jee in research in your next future. sekian.

anyway. that what I call master-jee's life. I know, venturing in into something that you know how much efforts you've put in it and it turned out to be a frustrating end, is seriously tiresome, ho-hummed and up to a point you really wanna give in.

nothing can beat that feeling. except by knowing one fact. and knowing it is not enough. we must understand it well, digest and internalize it within us.

the fact that...

--------> we're human. a slave to our Creator <---------

understanding it, gives us a good reason to calmly accept what is written for us. it's just as simple as knowing where you stand and what that position demands from you. after all, there are lots more to be cherished and treasured in this life. He gave us and still providing us with all of our needs and necessity. not to mentioned all the love we have in this world which counting the bless is the only thing He wants from us (though He seriously doesn't need that. not at all).

why so sad? doesn't He promised us that with every hardship, there is relief? doesn't He promised us that with every calamity, it's a chance for us to be close and near to Him?

apparently, it's always easier said than done.

and not many knows that it's just the way we perceive things. it's just how we accept and respond to all sorts of tests being imposed to us.

if we took it as a punishment, then please enjoy the suffer. if we took it as a loss, then do enjoy the pain.

it's our mind, and paradigm.

when we can turn the stress into eustress, why waste the energy pondering and dwelling over the things which are beyond our control?

when we have every chance to become a better person, why wait and hesitate?

let's just choose to be thankful. let's just choose to be happy. we have no time to waste on things which cannot be undone. trying so hard to control the effects of everything we do can only bring us distress. the more we carry on our shoulders, the harder for us to move.

Leave all of our affairs and burdens to Allah, for Him to take care of them as He is the best plan maker. our only part is to do our very best in every single thing we strive in this world. and believe you, me, He will cater the rest.

if, and if only we're living with the fact that we are HIS SLAVES, do we have any reason to feel sad, abandoned and distress?

how man gets and forgets
how He gives and forgives
yes, everyone will die
but not everyone truly lives
on their hands and knees
to the skies begging "please...
do what is worthy of Thee;
not what is worthy for me
Ar-rahmanniir Rahiim, Maaliki yawmiddiin
if it is not for His blessings
then we would have nothing
so feel no ways calling myself his slave
no matter what they say
to HIM, alone, I pray.

(boonaa mohammed, how to become a slave)

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