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"And if My servants ask thee about Me - behold, I am NEAR; I respond to the call of him who calls, whenever he calls unto Me; let them, then, respond unto Me, and believe in Me, so they might follow the right way" (2:186)

Monday, August 23, 2010


(Tak tahu kenapa lately posts semua fasal hal kenderaan hahaa)

Just imagine, you’re rushing from the KL Central’s main gate to the KTM ticket counter. It’s a 750 meters sprint with an adrenaline rush because you only have an hour left to meet somebody important to your student life and one good news; you’ll be travelling a half an hour journey, plus another ten minutes from the station to your destination – which means you only have 20 minutes for your meeting.

You can see from the only screen which can ‘bestows’ you more anxiety than you’ll be needing that, the train to your destination will departs in less than 5 minutes. And yet, another great news; there’re 3 more passengers queuing in front of you and your heart beats faster. It ain’t a normal nervousness case anymore, but you’re furious. At that very point in time, how you wished that you have your father’s ‘Touch n Go’ card so that you don’t have to line up there, waiting for the beautiful ticket attendant to assist you.

1 minute left! Ohhh… no! You must hurry up and catch the trainnn…!! You ran down to the lower ground level and out of your expectation, you manage to do the marathon in less than 30 seconds to arrive at your platform and….


There’s no train there. Ohh Thank God, it hasn’t departure yet. Pheww…! (inhale…. Exhale….)


Why is there no any other passengers waiting? Why are you standing all alone in the yellow line and wait for the automatic door to stop right before you to step in?

HAHH – HA!!!

You’re so wrong my dear. The train has just departure the minute you arrive there. Heaven. What do you do now? It’s seriously a frustrating and exasperating day for you, isn’t it?


Told ya, it feels hurt to be left behind. Hahaaa… (gelak tensi). For times I keep on telling others about it and yet, I’m not sick of doing it. Again. And again. Hahaaa… (gelak tensi lagi). But I know how others would reply and feel about it… LAME~ One friend noticed such ‘loser feeling’ I have inside and commented…

“rasa terasing..? LAGI?!”

------> hahaaa.. (again, gelak tensi) his utterance has dropped the level of my self-esteem to the lowest. ‘One word and I’m down1. Opps…! I did accept his sincere thought anyway :). Thanks bro, you’re the only person who counted all of my ‘terasing’ time thingy.

I hate train. It’s kinda the same case on why I hate dentist ----> for no solid reason. Heeee :b the train will stops at a platform, collects passengers and departs on time. Sometimes we can’t predict at what time it’ll arrives and nobody can tells us whether or not we would be able to catch the trip we wish for even there’s schedule for every trip being arranged everyday.


I didn’t mean to ramble and rant about train neither about Malaysia’s transportation system. It’s about being left… the frustration and exasperation. How would you expect others to wait when there’s not much time left? You don’t be selfish and look forward to others’ consideration. Perhaps, it’s about time for you to walk fast and chase for every chance lies in front.

Once, a real good friend (Cik Pelangi tersayang) told me, never let go of what you have in your grasp to others… because you can’t afford the price of the loss. Not every body will have the same great second chance in life.

“Katakanlah: "Jika bapak-bapak, anak-anak, saudara-saudara, istri-istri, kaum keluargamu, harta kekayaan yang kamu usahakan, perniagaan yang kamu khawatiri kerugiannya, dan rumah-rumah tempat tinggal yang kamu sukai, adalah lebih kamu cintai daripada Allah dan Rasul-Nya dan (dari) berjihad di jalan-Nya, maka tunggulah sampai Allah mendatangkan keputusan-Nya." Dan Allah tidak memberi petunjuk kepada orang-orang fasik” (9:24)

p/s: jangan tinggal saya pls…

nota kaki: 1: (Ahmad Hazim, 2010) ~ for the quote

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