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"And if My servants ask thee about Me - behold, I am NEAR; I respond to the call of him who calls, whenever he calls unto Me; let them, then, respond unto Me, and believe in Me, so they might follow the right way" (2:186)

Monday, February 21, 2011



There is a subtle danger that leads people away from religion, prevents them from submitting to God as their Lord, and ultimately, brings numerous other forms of troubles and distress upon them.

This danger is romanticism which leads people to live not according to their reasons (Al Baqarah 2: 30 & Ad Dzaariat 51:56) but according to their emotions; that is according to their desires, hatreds, their susceptibility to temptations and their whims.

Emotional people, who make their loved ones the ‘sole subject of their lives’, who will commit every kind of unreasonable acts to be with their lover – so much as to commit suicide – have all become victims of this pernicious weapon used by satan.

The most disturbing aspect of the danger of romanticism though, is that an overwhelming number of people do not see it as a danger at all, nor do they realize either that it is actually a state of mind completely inimical to religion.

In fact, many view it not as a dangerous error, but rather as a virtue to be encouraged and widely propagated.

The source of wisdom, as we said before, is a deep-seated faith and fear of God. Those who fear God, heed His commandments and proscriptions, become naturally possessed of this superior insight as a blessing from God. But, though this virtue is easily acquired, very few are endowed wisdom.

This condition, that God makes known in the Quran saying “Most of them do not use their reason” (Al Maidah 5: 103), arises from the fact that most people do have their proper faith, having left no room for Quran in their lives.

Adapted from: Romanticism: A Weapon of Satan by Harun Yahya.


  1. romantism isn't all about romance rite? ade la belajar dengan kwn yg buat socio masa kat uni dulu2...haaa...nostalgia betul bila semua org cerita psl course masing2 tapi masing2 pun x fhm but, can elobrate smpi ke mlm.... rindu jalan pakcik henry!

  2. humm... i've seriously limited knowledge about this.. hehe but from my few reading, memang it ain't all about romance pn..

    wahh... rindunya masa sharing... bila ya boleh jumpa2? ^^