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"And if My servants ask thee about Me - behold, I am NEAR; I respond to the call of him who calls, whenever he calls unto Me; let them, then, respond unto Me, and believe in Me, so they might follow the right way" (2:186)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

What A Life, huh?

In the name of Allah, my Lord, my Everything :)

Allah huAkbar, Allah huAkbar Allah huAkbar, walillahil hamdh

(hey, I started this entry in a right manner –I supposed- huhuuu inshaAllah)

As I went on rambling and ranting on my previous entry, I still couldn’t get myself over it -----> those stuff that made me despair or something like that. I usually have this ‘writing therapy’ to make me realize that there’re always more to live. But this time around, it seems like I’ve to learn it the hard way. Ouch!


--------------------> it’s about the 3rd month of my post-grad life. And I’m progressing like Pentium 1 desktop computer, coping very hard to the expectations of what I’m ought to do and be. The ‘temporary comma’ for my reading mode has officially reached an end, the moment I met my dearest supervisor last week. And I realized she made me practically read and read and read and read a long list of ‘important stuff’ every single day until the end of March before I can tell my interest field to suicide myself do my research on. No lie.

What really ticks me off about this is that, I didn’t perform as I should. I put the blame on me. Should something bugged me off; I’ll take quite some times to get myself ‘recover’ and start to picking up or something like that quite slow. Guess I’m living a real ineffective life with inefficient heart and mind management. Three-month time should have taught me lots of things and I shall be way more familiar with my ‘current status’, right? T_______________________T

--------------------------> this second ‘prima-facie’ is lil bit disastrous at one point or another. This is what a daughter can cost a father. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… (I hope that gives you the idea how scary my upcoming point would be)

You see, I’ve been serving my academy under the ‘Post-grad Scheme’ and working for 24-hours per month should allow me to claim thirteen hundreds bucks from the management. And the word ‘claim’ itself has drawn a negative connotation which would mean ‘a long-torturing full of anticipation- wait’. And between that period of time, this dearest, apple of her father’s eyes beautiful daughter has caused ‘tremendous’ troubles along the way. Mark my point here; since I can’t afford myself yet, I’ve to still, depending on my father’s wallet to survive my full of ‘pleasant surprises’ life.

Last week, I was so kind to ‘wash’ a friend’s contact lenses’ case altogether with her lenses which of course I need to replace her ‘eyes’ back with my pocket money----> from my father. I know I was seriously clumsy and all over the place. My bad, my bad.

At another point of time, I was so very friendly that I was utilizing my post-paid Celcom plan to the max. Errr, actually, I made my father pays around hundred every month. Yes, that’s terrible. I must figure out tactic and strategy which sounds like ‘wise-use’ or something or else, ... I don’t have the heart to imagine what’s next.

Other than that, I’m real mobile and flexible that I could get myself everywhere I wish to. And be careful with the ‘mobility and flexibility’ notion. To move or to get myself somewhere, would mean, another consumption of money. I hop in and off of public transports too often and caught lots of ‘cabs’ as well.

Stressed out.

Perhaps, I need to look for other part time jobs. Or apply for various scheme, incentives or stuff like that to draw in some financial assistance for my ‘uncang magic’. Starting a small business would make a sound too. Hurmn… all of the alternatives were listed. It’s about time to pick.

I wanna be good ^^


  1. <3 kelakaq. btw moon2, sy punya elaun pon xmasuk lagi T_T" dan situasi sy sama mcm awak. terpaksa memandang manja ke arah abah tercinta sambil kelip2 mata ribu2 kali. dan oh nasib sy duk kolej, jd xpayah tertahan cab byk kali :p

    btw moon2, gud luck okay. i know u can do it. semua benda. InsyaAllah. chayok!

  2. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh nini kay!!!! saya sayang kamu :))))

    sedih lak tbe2 hehee

    ohh ur kedah's slang's getting better ea? hehee ^^

    u pn, gudlak juga...
    dengar mcm kpli tu susah je
    tpi if u dh dpt, meaning ummg leh buat!

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  4. cik imut,

    saya pun sama..sedih sebab macam terpaksa minta duit ayah lagi. nak kena bayar patient. bukan seorang termasuk dengan appliance gigi palsu semua, bukan murah. pastu. haihh detail saya cita kat mail saja la. tapi yang pasti saya sedih sebab

    bila nak pakai duit untuk bergerak, untuk dakwah, saya tak dapat nak beri banyak sebab suma duit dah habis... saya sedih sangat2..

    padahal duit tu kan kertas kupon je. tapi boleh buat orang jadi camni...

    semoga Allah ringankan segala beban kita. yang penting luaskan hati kita suapaya tenang dalam segala hal. rezeki DIa kan ada dimana2..

    miss yu babe

  5. yana syg:

    huuu... Allah huAkbar.... sedih kn bila x dpt bg banyak utk 'kerja kita'. nk tlg sisters lain dgn jualan mreka pn x mampu T____T

    tringat post kwn yna, ttg isi minyak motor etc... sedih n remind diri, banyak mana lah yg muna dh bg...

    tpi, yna jgn risau. inshaAllah, Dia akan balas yg setimpal malah lebih utk parents kita kn?

    jom doa dn usaha yg terbaik!

    miss u more

  6. ha, yang pasal post dia tu, yana pun terkesan. sebab itulah. bila tengok dia sanggup lapar sebab kalau x isi minyak motor, nanti tak bergerak. sebab kat sana susah kalau xde motor. saya dah pergi sana dah.

    sibbaik lagi sini senang transport walaupun jauh dan bersusah2 sikit. xpelah, semoga Allah lihatkan. sahabta dulu jalan kaki sampai terkoyak kulit kaki kan?

    p/s:yana rasa muna tahu dia la. sebab pernah pergi daurah KL sekali.

  7. yana: ohhh muna pnah jumpe dia ke? uishhh rse mcm dah boleh teka nih... hehee ^^

    haishhh rindu pula tiba2....

    bila beriman, kita akan diuji kan? maka, mungkin harus terus jalani aja semua ini... hingga kita sampai ke penghujungnya... semoga kesudahan itu sesuatu yang baik...

    jom, repair niat!